Lightroom Tech and Lifestyle Preset: NIGHTFALL

Ulrich Esch
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Get the ultimate Lightroom Preset Pack for your Tech, Lifestyle and Product Shots!

This package includes the NIGHTFALL Preset in three different styles to push the whites and blacks to the next level:

  • NIGHTFALL Standard

  • NIGHTFALL Light (a lighter version of NIGHTFALL Standard)

  • NIGHTFALL Neutral (a version with more colours)

One Click Examples.

These Presets will not only enhance the look of your shots to the next level, but also speed up your editing workflow!

It's the perfect package for everyone who wants to create high contrast images with a pop of orange - no matter if you're using dark or light styles. It's the ideal preset pack for tech, lifestyle and product photography.

Compatible with Lightroom Desktop and Mobile

The Lightroom Presets are included in:

  • XMP (for Desktop)

  • DNG (for Mobile)

Additional information:

  • As every other preset this preset pack this is no always 100% one-click-solutions. Even if these presets are great starting points that will boost your editing speed you might need to make small adjustments (like brighten it up) based on your shots.

  • These Presets work best for shots, that have been taken in cold light. If you've taken your shots with a lot of warm light you might adjust the color temperature in Lightroom.


The purchases are non-refundable as they are digital products.

Thank you for your support! :)

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'NIGHTFALL' Lightroom Preset Pack incl. 3 Preset styles to create moody Tech, Lifestyle and Product Shots!

1 Pack, 3 Presets
Normal, Light & Neutral
Preset File Format
DNG & XMP (Mobile & Desktop)


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Lightroom Tech and Lifestyle Preset: NIGHTFALL

2 ratings
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